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Whatsapp Groups

Street Alert

Reserved for emergencies, crime alerts, and suspicious activity only.


Street Admins

Comms between Street Leaders for the whole suburb.


Street General

General & less urgent discussion between members of each street.



How to use the WhatsApp Groups

For easy access, we advise creating a shortcut for your WhatsApp group on your phone's desktop. To do this, open the group message in WhatsApp; click the Menu button; click "More" and select "Add shortcut". There will now be a shortcut on your Home screen.

1. In an emergency - If it is safe and possible to do so, call Marshall Security on 086 162 7732, or your selected Security Company.
For less urgent security issues, or if you are unable to make a phone call, send a message to the group stating your situation. The group admin will forward this to the Admins group and Security Services. Neighbours will also be able to assist you, if appropriate.

2. Incoming Alert messages - Admins will post information about incidents of interest to your street. Unless an answer is requested, you DO NOT need to reply.

3. Reporting Suspicious Activity - If you see anything suspicious within Glen Anil, just drop a message on the group. Try to be specific with details (e.g. vehicle make, colour and number-plate; person's clothing or identifying features; location.) This information can then be circulated to other street groups.
If the incident does not require urgent action, try to avoid posting late at night.

4. General Chat - we need to keep the Alert Group for security issues. You can contact the group Admin or other group members individually in WhatsApp. Make use of your street's General Group for anything else of interest to your street.

Fibre-To-The-Home | Future tech for our Neighbourhood

UPDATE: 14/09/2017
Vumatel providers for Glen Anil, Sunningdale, Somerset Park, Mt Edgecombe, Glen Hills and Parkhill:
Cell C will be live next week. Telkom is coming on in October.
The following ISP's are all live:
• Cool ideas
• Webafrica
• Gigazone
• I-connect
• Vodacom
• Afrihost
• Vox
• Mweb.
We do not endorse or recommend any particular service provider. Please do your homework on each one before making a selection.

Vumatel was founded in 2014 and pioneered Fibre-To-The-Home in South Africa with a pilot project in Parkhurst. Vumatel has since connected homes to high speed open access fibre broadband across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Vumatel deploys its network in partnership with the community and distributes fibre to every home, complex and apartment block. Vumatel also connects every Primary and High School passed when deploying the network to free 1GBPS fibre broadband internet. Vumatel network runs on an open access model, which means that Vumatel is not a service provider but simply installs the infrastructure. Residents can then choose from hundreds of packages from a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The open access nature of the network prevents the duplication of infrastructure, promotes competition between ISPs and ultimately drives down prices for the end-user.

Fibre lays the foundation for future smart homes and smart cities. The speed and capacity of fibre can also support security cameras and monitoring systems to make your neighbourhood safer. As our broadband demands increase and we rely on the internet more and more, there is a tangible need for a future-proof technology that will support the growing demands for internet speed and capacity. That future-proof technology is VUMA fibre.

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We live in a beautiful neighbourhood. As residents, we have a duty to keep our area safe, so that we can enjoy the tree-lined streets and parks more fully. A group of interested residents established GANW in 2015 - a community driven platform that ensures effective and quick response to criminal activity and ensures that members of the community are empowered with information via Whatsapp groups, and our Facebook page.

The GANW aims to help people protect themselves and their properties, and to reduce the fear of crime by means of active, visible citizen presence, improved home security tips, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and crime, and by fostering a community spirit. All these efforts engender a caring community, reducing the opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness.

If you would like to be part of the GANW, please complete our Membership Form. Once we have received your membership form, we will put you in contact with the Whatsapp admin for your street or block, who will explain the GANW concept and benefits to you.

The GANW relies on voluntary participation of all neighbours who live in the area. There are no criteria and we can all do our bit. So if you are a home owner, tenant, dog walker, retiree, worker, mother or work from home, we would genuinely welcome your involvement. Your daily drive to work, the school run, or just a walk to the local shop can all count as “patrols” – be aware of your surroundings, report suspicious activities, and get to know your neighbours.

Contact Info

We are here to be the EYES and EARS of the police!

We are not taking over the work that they do but we recognise that we can do an immense amount to ensure that SAPS use their resources to maximum efficiency. Please go to the membership page and sign up so we can watch out for each other. You can make a huge difference!

To ensure effective communication we have a system of Whatsapp groups for each street or block (in the case of shorter streets). Each street has one or more Admins who are also a member of an “Admins” group.

If your street does not have a leader, please consider stepping up to the role. Contact one of the area Admins for more information.

Why join a Neighbourhood Watch?

  • Assistance

    We're connected to local security, police and emergency assistance.

  • Crime alerts

    Be notified of any criminal activity in the area.

  • Community Spirit

    Get to know your neighbours - we are stronger together!